Article - Painting Tyre Lettering Written by: Moosey 

Now I have been asked soo many times "how do ya do your tyre lettering?" I thought I'd show you just how easy my method is.

All you need is a very small screw driver. Preferably one with a cross end, As it holds the paint better. Yes I know what your thinking.. Screw driver?!??? Put it this way, Even with a good brush & plenty of time on your hands it's still far easier to do it this way. Well, I've tried both and I think so.

Use lexan paint, Nothing else seems to stick as good. I've tried them all! As you can imagine lexan paint has the flexibility to it, So it's a good choice for the tyres. You can use any colour you like, But white or yellow are best. You need it to stand out.

Right, Choose a set of tyres to do and your away! Remember, ALWAYS do the lettering when the wheels are complete. If you try and fit tyres on to wheels with the lettering done it will just make a mess.

Drop your screw driver in to the well stirred paint. You don't need much on the end just a nice little drop to fill the end of the tip, If it's bulging with paint a little, Wipe it off and start again. Slowly dab the paint inside the lettering & it will spread out to the edges. Easy! Just repeat the process until all the lettering is done. Remember to use some nice new paint, use old stuff and you'll be there all day!

If you do it all slowly to start with you should end up with some nice wheels. Do the wheels while they are off the car/truck. And let them dry really well before fitting them back on. Your model should look ten times better now! As it makes such a difference it's unreal.

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