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This time we really have pushed it to the limits! Movie style storylines, elaborate props, fire, explosions, water, oscar winning acting and more... Oh and we've even made our own 'pop' video, along with the usual hilarious bonus movies...
No longer available

By popular demand a pocket friendly budget DVD available exclusively through Tamiya Club. We have teamed up with Tamiya Club to bring you this incredible deal for members.
No longer available
This time it's war!! 19 of Tamiya's finest brought back to fight again! The vintage years took their toll and many brave models were lost! This epic DVD is our biggest and best yet! No less than 19 vintage models flying the Tamiya flag in this explosive DVD. Seeing is believing...
No longer available
The boys are back! The second in our line of DVDs, RC Bandits promises to bring even more mud, even more jumps and of course plenty more trademark stupidity! Featuring nothing but exclusive footage this DVD is a must see for any vintage rc car enthusiast.
 No longer available
The first in our line of DVDs and featuring footage that has to be seen to be believed. Packed with 69 mins of non-stop action that you can watch on the big screen! You'll be on the edge of your seat as SRBs, 3 speeds and other vintage treasures are driven as they were intended. Scorchers in the sea, Mounties submerged, it's all on this disc!!
 No longer available


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