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'Busted!..' (NEW movie)
We think the massive and gorgeous Clod Buster has never had much screen time. So here it is in all it's monstrous beauty!!
Just An Illusion..
Just when you've maybe seen enough of SRB's. Here comes another one! Full of none stop action and jumps you wont believe! Did it really go that high? Or was it an illusion?..
2011 Re-release Avante?!
Yes, we have it! And we've even been on location overseas to bring you this movie ;-) Lets just say someone high up loves the professor's underpants and wanted a pair!!!!
Stop being a Brat!
We love the Subaru Brat and don't think it's ever been given some proper air time on here. So we made a movie to change all that!...
RC Top - 'Gimme All Your Truckin'
This is without a doubt our favourite movie to date we have done. Taken from our 'Outer Limits' DVD. We just had to share it with you all! A MUST WATCH!!
Outer Limits (Teaser Trailer)
A sample of the action from our new "Outer Limits" DVD. Another full length DVD with props, water, fire, explosions, oscar winning acting and more...
Scorcher Promo
If Tamiya were still making Scorcher promo videos then maybe this would be how they would do it?
Bare Bones (Teaser Trailer)
It might be cut-down in price but the action is anything but. Bare Bones is an affordable DVD giving everyone a chance to experience the action for themselves.
Mini Bomb!
If it involves explosives and Tamiya models you know there can only be one outcome right? Don't say we didn't warn you! Watch for the magic smoke curtain!
Take 19
We really had some fun filming the latest DVD "19". This time it involved props and even some acting but of course when the camera rolls it doesn't always go to plan! Enjoy...
19 (Teaser Trailer)
Many brave models were lost during the vintage years. Another 19 models go a new tour of duty in this explosive DVD! Some of the most amazing footage we've filmed yet!
RC Bandits (Teaser Trailer)
Our latest DVD here now! This trailer offers a quick glimpse of the action! No less than 16 vintage models feature on the epic that is RC Bandits. 14 months of filming condensed onto one DVD for your viewing pleasure...
Moosey Mania (Teaser Trailer)
An action packed trailer that should give you a taste of things to come! This DVD is the real deal and features no less than 69 minutes of this kind of action. Sit back and enjoy :-)
Another chance to see some new footage! We've trawled the archives and found some footage that has never been used! Enjoy more Sand Scorchin' action in the dunes...
Tuesdays aren't so bad!
It's a funny day, not as depressing as Monday but still not as exciting as Friday. A bash in the woods should always cheers things up! A simple but sweet Tuesday afternoon vintage romp captured on camera...
Flat Out 2!
By popular demand a sequel to Flat Out! More mixed footage with plenty of thrills, spills, water, sand, mud and general larking around. Oh how we larfed!
Flat Out!
A compilation of general messing around with a variety of modern and vintage cars edited to a wicked sound track. Watch out for the extreme Marder quarry jump! Sequel coming soon...
Hardcore 3 Speeds - The Best Of
A movie featuring snippets of action from the "Hardcore 3 Speeds" series of movies found on our Moosey Mania DVD. Non-stop full-on vintage 3 speed truck action guaranteed!
Scorchers at Shell Island 2006
Sun, sea, sand and Scorchers...! This ten minute epic comes courtesy of www.fastasfunk.co.uk. Highlights from a crazy weekend. Watch in awe as some of the best Sand Scorchers you've ever seen get pushed to their limits in the very best setting possible...!
XXX Vol 3 (Yorkshire Moors)
Out on the moors where the air is clean and pure... Volume 3 in our series of daft XXX director's cut movies. More bad language, wind, bad behaviour and not a lot of r/c action! Don't say you weren't warned!
XXX Vol 2 (Banbury)
Volume 2 of our "Directors Cut" movies made from footage of our (not so) r/c related activities away in Banbury, Oxfordshire (May 05). Warning: Contains footage that most viewers will find disturbing!
XXX Vol 1 (Scarborough)
The first in a series of "Directors Cut" style movies containing footage from one of our trips to Scarborough, North Yorkshire (Mar 05). As you will see we couldn't really include this on the DVD or upload to other websites! You've been warned!
A compilation of some spills that always come with the thrills. Might not be comfortable viewing for everyone! Ouch!
Destruction Derby!
The one they tried to ban! This movie has appeared elsewhere before but was banned. WARNING: Please do not try this at home, it might be funny but it'll always end in tears!
Burnin' Oil
Warning: The stunts you are about to see in this movie were performed by trained professionals using safety equipement in a controlled environment!
Bruiser Witch Project
Some years ago a Tamiya enthusiast went into the woods to make an r/c film. He never returned and only his camera was ever recovered by the police. It contained this spine chilling footage!
Done in 60 Seconds
How quickly can you strip a Wild One gearbox?
Watch out for the clangers:-)
Wana Ride?
Would anyone get bored of watching 3 speed movies? Here's one that never made it to DVD
It's sleek, it's silver…
Mini Adventure
Who needs loads of space to have fun?
Wild One vs Fox
A muddy day, a Wild One and a Fox. Simple as that.
Warning: R/c's WERE harmed in the making of this movie :-)

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