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Scorchers at Shell Island 2006
Sun, sea, sand and Scorchers...! This ten minute epic comes courtesy of www.fastasfunk.co.uk. Highlights from a crazy weekend. Watch in awe as some of the best Sand Scorchers you've ever seen get pushed to their limits in the very best setting possible...!
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By Blackbobba 07/11/2009 08:00:30
Yeah, that's what are Scorchers for ...! Great Rock'n'Roll show!!
By Moosey 27/04/2009 23:22:18
Youve never lived! ;-)
By mark laflin from north pole alaska 27/04/2009 22:53:41
I think this is one of/ if not the best ss video on the net. Great ss action. but i could never take any of my breathtaking beautiful vintage tamiya's out and beat them like that. Thats what all my high teck brushless buggy's and truggy's are for. Shelf queens are for the shelf. brushless is for the dirt and the water.
By PeterPan64 11/02/2008 11:39:49
Thanks boys i can watch this over and over it's aweome! You have also cost me considerable sums of money as the bug bites once again-wouldn't have it any other way! Brilliant!
By PeterPan64 20/01/2008 16:26:34
Fantastic! 1980's Tamiya technology will live forever, i'm restoring a Holiday Buggy, might just throw in a Sand Scorcher for good measure. I live at the beach, can't wait for the summer!
By Bin Jammin 15/11/2007 18:45:46
Beautiful Baja action, with those Sand Scorchers and again nice tunes.
By technical.burP 18/08/2007 07:15:17
One of the best videos I have seen. Try to do such sometimes too in the dunes here in Germany.
By DirtDemon 28/04/2007 12:25:05
Really enjoyed it, I absolutely love watching veebugs on sand, by the way have they got Portaloos on Shell Island now?
By deluxe 18/12/2006 14:43:52
Sheer brilliance as always guys!!!
This is what scorchin' is all about! Can't wait for the next dvd......
By Brat Attacks 09/12/2006 01:06:25
T-BONE! like the car crash!!!! Nice.
By Toykid 07/12/2006 05:04:33
Very nice gents, I loved the 2 wheeled save - classic. Better than watching the real thing.
By Skrangle 06/12/2006 18:07:35
This movie is perfection guys..
I can't belive anyone that doesn't wanna drive vintage tamiya cars after this..
Keep up the good work:)
(just started a Super champ restoration) lol
By hardb8 06/12/2006 10:03:36
G'day fellas,
You guys have uncanny ability to make these things appear REAL.I can't stop watching it.I'm diggin my SRB out of the cupboard for a full restoration.Thanks for reminding me just how cool these rides are.

Cheers Rick.
By tamiyahotpot 23/11/2006 01:18:56
LOL! who was that taking a crap, you guys crack me up hahah .. oh and great video too! :)
By slither302 22/11/2006 18:56:33
Great cars, great scenery, great driving, awesome vid! top notch as usual! good to see these cars run like they should be!
By MikeT 22/11/2006 17:14:50
LOVE IT, Nice one Roop!
By PeterJames 22/11/2006 01:49:50
ACE VIDEO!!! Top work, fellas...Looks like it was hella fun
By Stoney 21/11/2006 22:26:35
Good effort there fellas, yet again another ACE vid.... Can i come and play as well ?
By Petrolhead 21/11/2006 22:07:43
Great cars, great action, great location, great stuff! Well done gents!
By tamiya monkey 21/11/2006 20:27:14
Love it love it love it, thats it now you've done it. Its time to introduce my credit card to ebay, i need a sand scorcher right now.
By dezmondo 21/11/2006 19:39:41
What more can be said. Fantastic views,weather and action. The scene coming down the dune with the sand bellowing around the cars is priceless. Wants me to pack my Ranger into the car and find Shell Island. Keep up the good work lads.
By Badboy 21/11/2006 19:02:17
Among the best videos Ive seen!!!
Far better than tamiya promovids!!!

By Stevo309 21/11/2006 16:00:45
The red mega realistic scorcher is Volksrods latest creation. Plenty more pics of it in the "Wales Road Trip 2006) gallery...
By scorchi 21/11/2006 15:38:05
Great vid guys, looked like a wild weekend! Far better than the old Tamiya promo videos. Who's is the all red one with 'LEE' on the door? looks so realistic!
By Wireless 21/11/2006 10:46:31
It was a great weekend. Can't have asked for more - absolutely perfect for running Scorchers. Not sure how my car got away with that two-wheeled action, perhaps it was Moosey's driving...? Looked cool all the same...! All the cars brough something with them, Zakspeed's had originality and box-art realism, Joe's was a breathtaking custom special, Moosey's was seemingly the stunt car that got rolled at every opportunity (good job it had a custom rollcage), Stevo309's had huge grabber tyres and the best suspension on a Scorcher ever and mine had speed and climbing ability. Top stuff...!
By Stevo309 21/11/2006 10:16:52
What a top weekend! I still can't believe that the Scorcher righted itself when it was pretty much on it's roof!
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