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Bare Bones (Teaser Trailer)
It might be cut-down in price but the action is anything but. Bare Bones is an affordable DVD giving everyone a chance to experience the action for themselves.
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By Fabrimtb 07/11/2009 10:43:51
I've just looking the BARE BONES, absolutely stunning, this pictures deep touch my heart.... I'm waiting for the others DVD...
By Fabrimtb 03/11/2009 17:59:05
Ohhh boyz !!! Exciting pictures ! Yes, I'll take one..... eh eh eh eh eh !!!! Ciao!
By Necronomicon 26/09/2009 19:09:20
Great movie guys, quickly delivered, superb price. Love the slow motion section, and the blackfoots in action. Keep up the good work.
By mr.retreader 24/07/2009 14:26:53
Top DVD boys. Action packed and fantastic sceens with the Blackfoots. Nice one!
By highflyer 09/06/2009 21:52:11
Looks like a great video! I want to hit the dirt with my Monster Racer after watching it.
By Igor2201 25/04/2009 18:14:47
Its looking great!!!
By tamiyahotpot 22/04/2009 23:24:35
i just ordered this, how many farts are in it? :o0
By tamiya_runner 22/04/2009 19:45:11
Cool DVD Guys, The SRB and Blackfoot shorts have spur’d me on to complete at least one car this year, Look forward to your next one.
By koenc 22/04/2009 09:44:46
This short piece convinced me to buy me a copy!
By Fishlord 22/04/2009 09:38:37
Wow sisters of mercy too, how cool!
By pastonperson 19/04/2009 22:38:12
It's only a short preview but it convinced me that I really need a copy. Excuse me while I go to the checkout.
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