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RC Top - 'Gimme All Your Truckin'
This is without a doubt our favourite movie to date we have done. Taken from our 'Outer Limits' DVD. We just had to share it with you all! A MUST WATCH!!
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By John 31/01/2010 03:32:47
Great Video. Great Music. Great Cars. Question, what had to be done to get the Ford Highlift to go in the water like that? That was cool seeing it go through the water like that. I will have to get the DVD now.

When I get the DVD you will have to ship the Bruiser and Mountaineer to me as a bonus. ;)


By Dazmeister 02/01/2010 14:17:24
Top stuff as always! We must meet up again, its been too long!!
By Badboy 31/12/2009 23:46:26
This is funny stuff!!!
Happy new Sand Scorcher year to you guys!!!

By Mark laflin/ TC member slimmy 08/12/2009 00:59:38
This is a great video. It seems like i have seen it before on one of my tamiya101.com dvd's. Its always nice seeing grown men clowning around like little kids! Can i come over and play? lol
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