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Stop being a Brat!
We love the Subaru Brat and don't think it's ever been given some proper air time on here. So we made a movie to change all that!...
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By slimmy 17/04/2011 08:13:07
Great vid. I loved it. I really liked the last jump into the water. Way cool. Great work as usual. : )
By kev the rev 04/01/2011 11:57:13
outstanding vid. I think the term is now 'like a drowned Brat'
By 2qwikoz 05/12/2010 12:30:33
Great to see boys, this IS the site for me, TA!
By Dam 10 09/08/2010 09:57:53
You are mad as a hatter...... The video is great. love the final clip with the leap of faith......
By Alex aka The Green Beetle 11/06/2010 17:27:12
I'm glad that the 4WD logo are wrong!!!
By j-man 25/05/2010 22:28:27
Bloomin gorgeous footage that is.......Excellence as standard!
By scaniahubnut 17/05/2010 18:53:23
better than a tamiya movie ...... crack on !!!
By WW-nut 15/05/2010 21:16:13
Fab new vid - keep up the great work guys!

By DIFFLOCK 11/05/2010 23:46:04
You ruddy hooligans - leaving that poor Brat underwater!! Great footage guys! Thanks. I must get my ABS Brat shell finished (I bought a re-re with the lexan shell included)
By Roygastle 11/05/2010 23:24:36
WoW - great to see a new movie and one of the Brat (fantashtic to quote a famous 101 expert) That final jump is just awesome. I need to go make some tunes on me trumpet now ;-)
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