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RC Bandits (Teaser Trailer)
Our latest DVD here now! This trailer offers a quick glimpse of the action! No less than 16 vintage models feature on the epic that is RC Bandits. 14 months of filming condensed onto one DVD for your viewing pleasure...
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By Binbin 31/05/2013 05:30:42
I looked forward to this DVD. Excellent quality of the image and the design. The musics are very well chosen and the introduction with Enio Morricone is a delight.
It is a DVD to be had, it is the very good work, I thank all the team of the merry drivers clowns.
Next month, I shall order "19". I do not grow tired of the atmosphere which reigns in your group and the way you live the model making.
See you very soon
By pikachoo75 29/08/2007 20:14:56
WOW.I thought Moosey Mania was a quality item! This re-writes the rant,raises the bar and even Mr Kipling would agree that RC Bandits is exceedingly good! The sheer quality of the editing,chapters and menus make this volume shine. And the painstaking,highly skilled model finish is beyond belief. If you own a model shop selling tamiya HAVE THIS DVD RUNNING ALL DAY EVERYDAY.The models on show are the best you will see...period.even Mr Tamiya would agree Im sure.Watch this dvd and you will fall in love with Tamiya models all over again.I for one will now have to shell out for a Brat ABS body ,as seeing the Brat in action on this film is a thing of beauty and joy.Watch this dvd,then watch it again and then get your self down to your local model shop and prepare to be poor but happy!The Fantastic magic that RC Bandits shares with you is that ALL the cars featured are the cream of the crop,you know, the models that are way better than just radio controlled.the models that ONLY Tamiya could make! So buy this DVD,watch it,cherish it,love it ...then live it!
By Brat Attacks 01/05/2007 23:58:16
RC Bandits ďA feast for those of a nervous disposition to take out their vintage TamiyaísĒ Brat Attacks 2007

One often wonders how a group of individuals can market and sell a DVD of their frolickings with R/C cars when there is a vast selection to watch on the dot com sites on the www. Yet when you watch the crafted films from Tamiya 101ís ďRC BanditsĒ it leaves you feeling disappointed at having subjected yourself to those who post up their own flicks in some vain hope of being recognised as the next best thing while not putting in the effort of getting down and getting dirty with the cars.

Having directed and edited a few films myself l know that the choice of music is of utter importance to how it all goes together. Itís all too easy to pull out a rock anthem with a fast beat from ones collection and then throw a few clips at it but that only masks a film without thought or creativity. There are some exceptions to this but itís rarely seen in todayís post Ďem quick and hope for a comment world we live in. If itís that awful itís all to easy to lose the viewers initial concentration span of 15 seconds and have them head for the next or close button thus missing out on what one may think is great editing. This is something that isnít seen on ďRC BanditsĒ, Instead your heading for the replay button.

Perhaps itís the music that made myself, for example want to replay the entire film again and again or the quality of the editing though I canít help but mention that the choice of music is only the tip of the iceberg. Some thought of what you need from the participating cars is a helpful addition if you have those around you who appreciate a fine movie and arenít running after the cars themselves with cameras like the paparazzi did to Princess Diana as she and Dodi headed under the Alma tunnel on that fateful night in Paris. I canít say that you donít see humans in the various films on this DVD but when you do itís brief or used for visual effect, mostly showing good times or of juvenile delinquency.

And this is what one notices from the first viewing. On further viewings one notices the cars are all of first class shelf queen quality and to give the viewer their monies worth most are box art with a few exceptions. The exceptions being of high quality modified bodies used as though they were your normal run of the mill cars. There is none of this build it quick without care because itís a runner rubbish that is so often seen. This is like watching something Tamiya themselves would have made minus the annoying voice over man and that is something to be proud of.

There is a wealth of slow motion action and spectacular stunts that are not for the faint hearted too who value the sum of parts of those now unavailable kits whose prices exceeded a modest families monthly shopping bill. And if you think itís all done on duvet soft sand then think again. Sand alone can cause nasty road rash on a smoothly painted shell so when on sees a box art Sand Scorcher for example tumble down an embankment, it leaves you with your heart in your mouth. So imagine how you would feel if you saw your own 3 speed Hilux fall into the deep muddy water of a quarry. Itís all here for your viewing pleasure.

The only disappointment l had with ďRC BanditsĒ is that the trailer song ďManiacĒ wasnít used in full on any of the films. So l can only hope this is rectified for the third instalment of R/C chaos to come from Tamiya101.com.

By Zakspeed 25/04/2007 20:15:12
Yes, Yes, Yes -- Got me mits on the new DVD. Just ace and a true professional DVD. The intro's to the movies are somat else, a work of art on there own.
Tamiya101 productions done us proud, i'm off to order a curry and get some beers in and watch it again :-)
By Wireless 25/04/2007 17:27:08
I've just got my copy of RC Bandits - couldn't wait to get my mitts on it. It's everything that was great about Moosey Mania plus a whole load more. It's got the very best of Tamiyas products from the last 25 years all getting thrapped about. Top camerawork and slick editing with cool soundtracks makes it even better than Moosey Mania. The best bet is you haven't seen ANY of this stuff before. It's all exclusive. Absolutely top notch. Forget shitty movies on your computer, get them on the big screen...!!! 10/10
By f350mike 18/01/2007 14:08:18
Another master piece with the look of it lads keep up the good work.
By MrMal34 28/12/2006 13:16:38
Top notch moosey and co, cant wait to order my copy as moosey mania must have worn out by now.
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