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If Tamiya were still making Scorcher promo videos then maybe this would be how they would do it?
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By Mr Duke 15/05/2012 03:13:25
just love it make me want to jump in my car and hit the beach!!! for some sand scorching!!! but the real tease is right at the end when the ranger comes flying down saying comming SOOOOOONNN ill be waiting boys cheers
By Roy Gastle 10/06/2009 19:00:29
Love the movie - Fantastic :-) some fantastic jumps and the music is pure Wensleydale ;-)
By pikachoo75 19/05/2009 00:29:18
Sand socrcher from Tam-ee-ya.sand and debris etc.well done!
also kudos for the fight club-esque teaser of outer limits!!canna wait!
By Tamiya Hotpot 16/05/2009 21:56:48
man that video make me wanna run down the strett in yellow farahs! top notch :)

(was the commentator s'posed to sound like he was from barnsley?)
By Volksrod 16/05/2009 12:30:34
'kin love it! Proper blast from the past with some of the footage there mate, id forgot about half of it! PROPER vintage porn..and no pubes in sight!
By Badboy 16/05/2009 08:50:10
Oh my goodness!!! That's was something special!!! I just love it!
By tamiya_runner 14/05/2009 18:28:44
Great stuff - love the washed colour out look and the video tape crackle at the start
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