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Moosey Mania (Teaser Trailer)
An action packed trailer that should give you a taste of things to come! This DVD is the real deal and features no less than 69 minutes of this kind of action. Sit back and enjoy :-)
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By Binbin 03/04/2013 17:40:32
It is wonderful!
You are crazyguys and so loving and poetes.
Thank you very much a lot a lot.
Next month, I will order you an other one.
By slimmy 03/02/2010 11:54:06
This is one of the best of the dvd's. It has some great 3-speed action as well as some cool scorchers on the beach. Be sure to watch the extra videos at the end. They are good as well.
By pikachoo75 29/08/2007 16:55:05
The postman delivered a double dose of tamiya mania today,the day after i bought both discs i mite add!,so well pleased with my purchase so far.if you HAVNT already bought this master peice.....DO IT NOW!!...well read this first ,then buy it!Moosey mania is TAMIYA TASTIC!i mean it,it is so good.You'll laugh at the insane action and out takes,You'll wet yourself at the hilarious facial expressions and body functions! You'll watch in awe as THE most skillfully finished tamiya models run wild! You'll wince at the horror of some of the tumbles and jumps but you will always know that these models have found there natural habitat and are living the dream!!! The quality of this dvd is unreal.I would easily think it broadcast quality.The editing,the music and of course the tamiya models,all add up to the best hour odds you could wish for.Its easy to join the hype,but this is THE tamiya product you must have....well...why are you still reading this??!!!go and buy moosey mania now and see,hear and feel it for yourself!
By Badboy 02/11/2006 21:59:32
Got my dvd today!!!
Awesome stuff!!!
I love the Sorching stuff!!!
One thing thou!
You should done a "Watch all" button! instead of chapter buttons...
Otherwise itīs hot stuff!!!
Cant wait tilī next one!!!

By scollins 18/09/2006 16:27:07
I watched the entire movie and was thoroughly impressed.

Anyway, the shots were great, and the music was perfect. You will sell loads of these things, brilliant, more power to ya - Moosey and team!!!!

Cant wait for the second movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


By MrMal34 17/09/2006 15:34:45
Have watched the DVD every night since receiving in the post 3 weeks ago.. its possibliy the BEST radio controlled dvd that has ever been produced and I hope that its the 1st of a long production ( Reminds me of Crusty Demons of Dirt DVDs - Moto X ) . Very well produced , great footage, great music. This is also a top notch website and look forward to the updates and new features. As a keen restorer of R C Cars if it would be possible to list the specs of the cars that are featured in the DVDs, Ie where you got the Wheels ,shocks etc... just an idea for other interested parties. Once agian many thanks and keep up the good work.
By Wireless 29/08/2006 18:34:33
I purchased the Moosey Mania DVD as soon as it was available and was lucky enough to get one of the first limited edition copies with the special artwork on the case and disc. First impressions are excellent. It turns out that the boys at tamiya101.com are actually quite skilled and not a pair of reprobates with nothing better to do...! The DVD comes in the usual tough plastic DVD case with some really nicely finished graphics on the front and back, with the DVD disc itself featuring matching print. So far so good - if the content is as good as the presentation then I was in for a treat.

I hooked up my DVD player to my High Definition projector and cracked open a quality bottle of import lager ready for the action on a screen over 10 feet across - I wasn't to be disappointed. From one end to the other, the disc is a nicely polished professional production. The graphics, menus and movie production are all top notch. The movies themselves are well organised into different genres eg: Three Speeds, SRB's etc and within those, each movie has a flavour of it's own.

The best of Moosey's Tamiyaclub movies are there along with a raft of brand new ones making for a great mix of Tamiya madness that lasts over an hour.

Imagine the great movies you have already seen, add in a load you haven't then stir in the fact that they are all in full resolution and not a poxy window on your computer screen and what you have is a fab disc that you will want to watch over and over again.

The only downside is that if you don't understand Yorkshire, you will need an interpreter...!!! I give it 9/10 only because there's another DVD on the horizon and I have heard it's going to be even better with 100% new material so reserving my 10/10 for that...!
By blazerfrazer 29/08/2006 10:30:35
Moosey Mania
I received my DVD next day after purchasing it which was in time for the bank holiday weekend! A bunch of us Vintage Tamiya nutters got together and watched it, All I can say is Awesome, it was non stop action from start to finish, nicely split into chapters so you can go back and watch your favourite bits, lots of Yorkshire funny bits.. lol and plenty of new ideas and camera perspectives, totally recommend it, there was a part where we thought there was a real truck thrown in to catch us out for a laugh but it was a model taken in very realistic surroundings with the camera quite low down. I cant wait for the next one, Well done lads, great entertainment...Blazerfrazer (UK)
By Moosey 25/08/2006 13:45:15
I maybe blowing my own trumpet here, But hey I'm only being honest.

The first time I made a fully working version of the 'Moosey Mania' DVD (after 2 weeks of hard work!) I put it straight in my DVD player & was soo pleased with the quality transfer!! Far, Far better than just watching a low resolution version on your computer. It is maximum resolution as taken from my camera.

There's something about sitting down with a nice cold beer or cup of tea, With ya mates & watching all our antics on the big screen. You don't know what your missing! ;o)
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