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2011 Re-release Avante?!
Yes, we have it! And we've even been on location overseas to bring you this movie ;-) Lets just say someone high up loves the professor's underpants and wanted a pair!!!!
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By thomas 18/04/2011 03:31:16
sorry, should be -ve camber ? or too soft of spring..

By thomas 18/04/2011 03:29:28

nice video, looking at the avante is it too much +ve camber? or the spring are too soft with the added weight?
By slimmy 17/04/2011 08:07:47
funny thing. I went to watch this movie, and saw someone asked if this is a vintage avante or the rerelease. Then I saw your comment about not watching the whole movie. I thought to myself, "what a shmuck that guy was for not watching the whole thing. Then my surprise......The shmuck was me : )! Lol I finally watched the whole thing and answered my own question. LOL Great Vid mark, And fun. : )
By moosey 23/12/2010 18:02:09
Thankyou! But you didn't watch the movie right to the end?... ;-)
By slimmy 23/12/2010 12:06:05
Love the video. But is this the rerelease or a vintage avante? Nice all the same.
By Roy Gastle 13/12/2010 20:08:49
Fansastic vid as usual. really wet the old appitite for another Tamiya.
By j-man 12/12/2010 17:03:12
Dag nab it !!! you almost had me there . that was a dirty trick that was...you need to have a word with yourself...lol
Great vid all the same ...smashing...
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