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Hardcore 3 Speeds - The Best Of
A movie featuring snippets of action from the "Hardcore 3 Speeds" series of movies found on our Moosey Mania DVD. Non-stop full-on vintage 3 speed truck action guaranteed!
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By Mark (slimmy) TC member 05/11/2009 21:53:16
I love this best of three speed movie. I especially love seeing these models in the mud, as i could not ever take one of my shelfers and put it in the mud. Thad would be a great sin, of the financial kind. keep up the great work and make us all proud.
By scoobydude 24/01/2009 21:54:31
Essential tools for a dirty weekend!
By Bin Jammin 15/11/2007 18:31:58
Cracking footage and great soundtrack, i must get my Hilux running!
By DirtDemon 28/04/2007 12:54:16
Loved it, 3 speeds, water, mud, dirt and offroad terrain, what a brilliant combination of things!
By crusn4abrusr 18/04/2007 22:47:59
This is no doubt the coolest 3 speed video ever! There is so much mud and water! These trucks look like the real thing.
By tamiyahotpot 25/01/2007 00:11:06
after watching that i never want to see another bloody high lift ever again! those 3 speeds make it look like a toy...keep it up moosey and crew, excellent footage, excellent soundtrack and 110% entertainment ..(i still reckon i could give you a run for ya money in the fart stakes though :O)
By olddufferuk 23/01/2007 20:25:34
love the work with three speeds, you lads are insane and in need of help keep up the good work olddufferUK
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