Frequently Asked Questions
Q Why can't I upload my photos anymore?
A Unfortunately sometimes all good things must come to an end. We've always wanted to keep the site free to use but hosting costs have become a problem due to the popularity of this feature. The good news though is that we have joined forces with Tamiya Club and now the community can vote for the very best "vintage" photos for inclusion on the site here. Even better news still is that we are giving away monthly prizes for the best photo and a randomly selected voter!
Q Who runs this website?
A A bunch of enthusiasts. We are not backed by any organisation at all and have no commercial interest elsewhere. We are not in anyway connected or affiliated with Tamiya Inc or any of it's subsidiaries. All trademarks are copyright their respective owners. Simply a few guys in the UK wanting to share our pictures and movies with the world!
Q How do I contact you?
A The best way is by email at
Q Can you answer a question for me?
A We'd love to but due to time considerations we’re not able to help with technical questions. These are best posted onto one of the many r/c forums out there. If you have a question relating to the site or our movies please feel free to contact us.
Q Why should I register?
A You don’t have to but if you do you can take advantage of advanced features of the site and allow us to keep you up to date on new developments and movies.
Q Are my details safe?
A Yes, we have done all we can to ensure they're safe and password protected. We will never pass details on to anyone and we store no personal data such as postal addresses or payment card details at all.
Q Can I use your images?
A For your own personal use on your computer then yes you can. We may grant persmission to use some of them on other websites and in print ONLY when prior permission is requested. Where we do give permission for use of our images on other websites acknowledgement must be given and the images must be hosted on your own servers and not linked from ours. We will no tolerate unauthorised use of our images in any form for your own personal gain.
Q I would like to know what's coming up. How can I find out?
A Simple, register now and you'll be included on our email newsletter list. You'll receive a regular email newsletter letting you know what we've added to the site and what is coming up.
Q I'm having some problems with the site what should I do?
A Please contact us for help, while we have tested the site in different browsers it's impossible to be sure it will function correctly for every single person. We'd be interested to hear about problems people may be having so we can correct them so please send us full details of the page(s) you have problems with, a detailed explanation of the problems and details of your computer and browser.
Q Will your DVDs work on my system?
A Yes, no matter where in the world you are they should work. We have created our DVDs region free and in NTSC format. NTSC format DVDs will play on PAL DVD systems. We use high quality discs and all discs are tested individually before they are despatched. In the rare event of playback problems we'll be happy to offer a refund on returned items.
Q Are you really allowed to use popular music?
A Yes, we have applied for and acquired a royalty license granting us use of these specific tracks. We have to pay a royalty fee to the artists concerned for each and every DVD we sell which is why they are priced as they are. Please don't ask for a discount as we can't give it.
Q Can I copy your DVDs?
A Can't believe you'd have the cheek to ask. No you can't. Not in any form and doing so violates copyright laws and will constitute infringement of royaly regulations.
Q I have been unable to view the web movies, help?
A For general compatibility we have saved our web movies in wmv (Windows Movie) format. They should play in a variety of video players including Windows Media Player, Realtime, Quicktime and others. We suggest that you try another player to see if it helps.
Q How do I know if the DVDs I want are in stock.
A Simple, we stock them all the time. We print the cases and discs ourselves so in the very rare circumstances that we don't have any we won't offer them for sale on the site. If you've places an order you can be sure we can supply your items.
Q How can I pay for films on DVD?
A We prefer PayPal. The easiest way is to use our simple checkout system from the DVD pages. Alternatively let us know what you wish to buy we'll send you a PayPal request if you already have an account.
Q How long will my order take to arrive?
A Generally we will pack and send your items within 1-2 working days. We aim to despatch in most cases on the same day for orders received before 12 noon. If you are in the UK your order should then reach you the same in most cases as we send 1st class recorded but we cannot garauntee this so allow up to 4 days within the UK. We send by airmail to destinations outside the UK and you should allow 7-14 days for delivery outside the UK. Again, in many cases you will receive the items sooner.
Q What happens if my items go missing?
A In this unlikely scenario please contact us for assistance. Our postage prices include insurance that would cover orders of up to 5 DVDs so we can arrange a replacement or refund once we are sure the items will not turn up.
Q Can I get a refund?
A Unfortunately we cannot accept returns due to the fact that this is a digital product and a minority as usual will choose to copy the discs and then try and get a refund. If the item never arrives and we are happy it was lost we will open an insurance claim against the postal service and a refund may be possible.
Q Where can I buy these vintage models?
A We don't offer any directly for sale, however there are many sites elsewhere including Ebay where you will find many of these models for sale.
Q How much is my model worth?
A We can't offer any specific valuation but it depends on a number of factors. Keep an eye on the articles section for help with this particular subject.
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