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5 Tamiya enthusiasts + 5 Sand Scorchers + 1 Holiday Buggy + Wales + Alcohol = Sand Scorchin' heaven!!!
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By The Styles 25/08/2008 10:09:30
Just joined -I love the video of this fun trip to wales, I have nearly finished my Sand Scorcher re-build, I had a real Baja bug many years ago and love the tamiya version cause it looks so real.load of shots in your movie look like real bugs. Inspiring stuff-great photo's, Awsome video, beautifull cars!!
By Topcat 06/04/2008 09:16:31
That picture in the bottom left corner of the two sand scorchers jumping would make a top entry for the competition on Tamiya Club., Fantastic set of pics. keep up the good work
By PeterPan64 04/02/2008 20:58:37
Dear darthbuzz, if you wish to re-kindle your youth that badly check out my SS in my gallery which i have a funny feeling i'll be selling in the not to distant future! Have fun - peterpan64
By darthbuzz 23/01/2008 20:09:34
Wow, what an amazing set of pics, nearly ripped the monitor off the desk and made a beeline for the bog. O.K. . .maybe not that stimulating but almost. New to the site. Used to have one all those years ago and would love to rekindle my youth with a Scorcher that looks something like these ones. Nice work. Love them all. Thanks, Richard.
By Wireless 19/09/2006 18:59:01
This was an excellent few days out. Great weather, great company, great food (chocolate, pot noodle, biscuits, crisps, beer etc), great scenery, great terrain and some great buggies to play with. The pictures don't do the place justice, as you don't get an idea of the scale. It's perfect for scorchers and I hope you enjoyed the photos. Suffice to say plenty of movie action will be coming along, all shot at full resolution on good cameras for best results. Naturally, it'll look best on DVD...! Can't wait for the next one...!
By tamiyahotpot 15/09/2006 21:40:23
Aye, its like a cross between max n paddy, n "wish you where here" with judith chalmers!!! (exept you all have better legs than judith :o/ ) keep it up guys, you make me howl with your antics and the models are propa bo i tell thee!.
By Zakspeed 14/09/2006 21:28:56
What can I say that hasn't already been said. When I found out you'd posted over 100 pics of the weekend. I knew i'd need to give some proper time to viewing em and I was not dissapointed. You've got an absolutly cracking collection of pics that I was never bored of viewing. Mr Tamiya would be proud that a buggy made in the 70's has such a following from enthusiast's who are not afraid to use em. I had a cracking time, not too sure about some of the pics ;-) (you know which ones !! hehe) To conclude, just get that movie made and get my name on the pre order list if there is one.
By Jim the Wookie 14/09/2006 05:14:13
that looks like amazing fun! awesome cars well turned out, doing what they are meant to. Thanks for sharing
By Volksrod 13/09/2006 21:03:05
Top pics! Reyt enjoyed the weekend, cant wait for the next trip! Ace site aswell, cant be improved in anyway.
By Kev the Rev 13/09/2006 20:43:56
Crackin' stuff guys !! - looks like a real blast :)
By Toykid 13/09/2006 18:24:45
Nice one boys, I can't wait to see the new movie.
By PeterJames 13/09/2006 14:32:00
Joe...I must say that I am absolutely floored by your custom buggy. I don't even know where to begin as it is truly "next level" craftsmanship. All of you looked as though you had an amazing time and I now know where my desktop photos are going to come from for the next year. Cheers!
By Boxart 13/09/2006 10:52:06
Top fun, top models and excellent quality pics!!! Keep em coming guys, theres a Turner prize for you somewhere!!
By deluxe 13/09/2006 08:41:46
Top shots guys! (no suprise there)
Good to see you looking after all that hard work Joe!
I've decided I must drive like a pussy.....
By supergreg 13/09/2006 07:07:01
Guys, you are ace! the popup (larger version) does not open on Opera.
By blitzer basher 13/09/2006 07:06:54
Absolutely awesome wicked pics there lads. Wish (along with many others) I could have been there, don't have a Scorcher, but hey, I would have just taken some pics too.
There's not even one photo that stands out, they're all as good as the next.

Del (New Zealand)
By 13/09/2006 01:35:39
Phew! These pictures take my breath away. Great work guys..
By ChoccyHostage 13/09/2006 01:33:48
WOW!!! These photos are the most amazing r/c shots I have ever seen. The Sand looks like it's exploding! I can't believe the stuff you do with these models!
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