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We needed some more movie footage of some different Tamiya's for the next DVD, so this was a good opportunity to get some great pics as well! A great Sunday afternoon out at a reservoir on the Yorkshire Moors, gorgeous place!
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By zombiethon 09/12/2007 19:58:52
WOW great shots! Seeing these pics I can't wait to getthe MB in running condition.

P.S. Could you give me some hints to what shock absorber settings you use on these vehicles?
By sony-sonic 14/09/2007 23:55:10
Cool!... Don't see many people giving these trucks what they need! Nice one!!!
By gavin243 29/05/2007 15:37:26
Great to see Monster Trucks doing what they were made for, jumping and crashing. Not sitting in glass cabinets!
Nice pics
By Brat Attacks 03/12/2006 22:16:46
Loving the Brats in action. Makes me want to gte mine out NOW. But it's dark. Poo.
By Kev the Rev 26/09/2006 22:09:08
Excellent shots of the trucks lads , luv the Brats !! . Looks like a grand day out :)
By Zakspeed 25/09/2006 22:20:34
Superb pics as always - have to say it's first time i've seen these great trucks running together as they should be. Just not got bored of viewing em.. Top show :-)
By purplebugsy 25/09/2006 20:27:32
Pics look f@@kin ace lads and nice to see some gorgeous retro running in a great setting!
By Volksrod 25/09/2006 19:08:07
Top weekend once again, was great to see the trucks running together n getting used as they should... same again soon?!
By Stevo309 25/09/2006 16:10:42
Amazing shots lads!!! I can't remember ever seeing a Blackfoot, Monster Beetle and Mud Blaster all running together. Monster truck mayhem!!!
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