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Nothing can make pictures of your favourite models look better than in the right 'Setting'. Here are some of the gorgeous places we have visited over the last few years.
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By Madmat 07/01/2007 13:52:54
Wow, some nice spots there! If only i had a couple of places like those near to me. I've been to a few spots over the last couple of years which i wish i had a scorcher with me to mess about with there!! One question who owns the manx(at least it looks like one!)?
By Volksrod 05/10/2006 19:35:41
Have to agree, a gorgeous setting makes it much more enjoyable when running the cars.
By PeterJames 05/10/2006 17:02:29
Pics like these make me hate living in a city! (when it comes to R/Cs anyway). Beautiful shots!
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