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..But plenty of other Tamiya models in all their glory. We know, It's not what the site is about but Tamiya have made some great stuff outside the first 100 and it would be a shame not to show a few. That's our excuse anyway.. LOL!!
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By tamiyafier 13/12/2010 11:50:23
I absolutely love the old M01 Mini of Monte, I happen to have one that I bought in a very,very bad condition for $10. Its had a full chassis transplant from a donor, and now sits proudly on my shelf. Theres just something about the smallness and Mini-ness about the first M-Chassis ever, and I'm looking forwards to finishing off the restoration with a new body.
By fuzzizino 19/03/2007 06:30:58
The Valvoline High-Lift is fantastic! Nice to see some real creativity. I think most Tamiya fans will agree that the High-Lift is going to be a new classic.
By Techie 02/12/2006 16:07:12
BMW looks awesome.
By Devilsome 14/11/2006 15:56:00
i knew you'd have to put a dyna storm somewhere and that one is STUNNING!
By Jimbo4042 05/11/2006 22:06:38
You're joking mate, I need Alan to sell me his. LOL ! Getting difficult to find decent Evo's on Ebay nowadays.
By Moosey 30/10/2006 17:01:59
Why have you got some pics for us mate?
By Jimbo4042 28/10/2006 13:12:59
Top Force Evo picture?
By tamiyahotpot 26/10/2006 21:19:18
love the new section lads, id defo swap that s10 for me girlfriend and even throw in me nan for the vintage section :)
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