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By DIFFLOCK 24/05/2010 21:14:34
You know...that scale lighting kit which you have fitted to the blue F-reg (UK plates even!) Sand Rover adds so much to the model that you would swear it is a 1:1 buggy ;) hehe.
By Brat Attacks 03/03/2007 01:33:59
LOVING Willy's Wheeler doing its stuff. So much so that l bought the imitation "WW-2" We need to see more of the tarmac racers doing what they do best.
By crash cramer 20/01/2007 02:11:01
Thanks for including the BEST photo of vintage jumping. The SuperShot airborne. It is my favorite shot from Moosey Mania. I could watch that video over and over, except my friend Dan is the one that owns the video. That shot would be awesome blown up to postor size and on my garage wall.
By Stevo309 29/09/2006 08:46:41
I don't think that will happen as the blue number shell no longer exists. No wonder when you see what it went through (Sand Scorchin' 4).
By Toykid 29/09/2006 05:06:38
We need more pictures of the blue SS with No7 on the side. My Favorite SS paint to date.
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