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Just a few pics of stuff going on behind the scenes. Please click away if you're offended easily.
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By MikeT 10/02/2007 19:42:18
Your karma is good, jumping one :D
By Brat Attacks 03/12/2006 22:31:22
Very Dirty Sanchez. :) Bit worried about the Sand Scorcher c**k ring that Joe sports. That's one hell of a lot of weight for the you know what to have dangling from it. l certainly won't be trying that at home. he he.
By scollins 18/10/2006 05:57:28
Nice collection of pics fellas! Looks like you have a jolly good time while messin' with the RC's. Moosey, you certainly could give Jim Carrey a run for his money in the facial expression department! Cheers guys from Michigan, USA!....scollins
By tamiyahotpot 14/10/2006 22:17:24
LOL i like the new jumping one, it looks like a colostamy sufferers day out at bag change time :O)
By Stevo309 06/10/2006 17:46:39
LOL, there's even worse than that not uploaded for censorship reasons :-)
By tamiyahotpot 04/10/2006 18:30:32
jesus mary mother of god!!!! the poo one is tame compared to whats on there now.. what in the hell hahah! 8o/
By Moosey 30/09/2006 16:09:31
No it's not poo! It's a skid_Mark!!! ;o)
By tamiyahotpot 29/09/2006 23:41:28
please tell me that isnt real poo. please noooooooooo!!! thats just so wrong!! funny... but o so wrong :o/
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