58001 - Porsche 934 Turbo RSR
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By slimmy 02/03/2011 05:34:33

I now have several of the 58001 porsche cars painted in different livery's. A vaillant, jagermeister and black porsche. I love this cars one of a kind dual mechanical speed control. It is the only model that came with this type. The chassis is simple and all metal. The body is the most beautiful thing of the kit. beautiful curves, and so very realistic looking. I think the car painted in the cobalt green is my favorite color. All though the original stickers that go on the rear wheel arches are impossible to get wrinkle free. I have tried everything and went through three sticker sets to get them as good as I did. A real bear! Any one who has one of these cars has got a real gem. And a true collectable of tamiyas first and most impressive porsche.


By ChoccyHostage 13/09/2006 12:54:54

You wont find a chassis as simple as this one, Nothing to it. But, The body is one of thee most detailed & realistic ones you will see. Unfortunately it was so delicate parts just dropped off all the time when running, As the complete shell is taken from the static model kit.

I've run one of these a few years ago around a track & it was bliss! You wouldn't believe the fun you can get out of the first radio controlled Tamiya.

Parts are impossible to find new & NIB kits are way up there price wise.
If you do run one, Use the original 360 motor. 540 motors are no good in these old on-roaders unless you have the reactions of a Jedi!

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