58111 - Mountaineer
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By Moosey 21/09/2006 11:00:54

Cheers young man! To be honest, I don't think I've ever enjoyed building a Tamiya soo much as this one. It was a once in a lifetime thing.
Very, Very hard work, But it needs it to look right. Mind you, Doing the build article for it here on the site made it far more interesting. Took me 4-6 hours to write it up!!

The Mounty is a stunning bit of kit though. In my opinion it's the best looking 3 speed of them all. It's basically a Bruiser apart from a few small changes. The rear bed & roll bar/spots is the obvious change. But it also comes with one piece wheels & no inserts. Where the Bruiser has split rims & great inserts to keep the tryes on. Another slight change was the hole in the mech/radio box where the motor wires pass through, They made it bigger. And moulded the name different in there too. Same as the front cab, Name moulded as 'MOUNT' but everything else the same as the Bruiser.

A rummour has it that not many Mountaineers made it into the UK when they were released? Can you believe there was not much interest in it?!


By wild willy 17/09/2006 20:17:30

Well mark i have to say the best mountaineer i have seen in the flesh ! without exception !

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