58014 - Martini Mk.22 Renault
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By theRuler 26/01/2009 18:29:38

Back in 1994 I had one of these.
The chassis was used, but in a job lot of RC stuff there was a brand new body parts kit, so I built it up.

Shortly after, a friend of mine got into model rockets with solid fuel jet engines.

During a night of "intoxicants" we cooked up an idea for a rocket car.

The Martini F2 was duely fitted with a solid fuel rocket engine . . . . .

It didn't go well, and the F2 car caught fire in a big way and was melted.

In 2008 I managed to score another one of these off eBay (super cheap!) and it now sits on the shelf. It eased my conscience a little, after destroying such a mint example. However I still have an urge to graft a solid fuel jet engine to it. I think I know what went wrong last time . . . . .


By Yalson. 05/07/2007 22:25:00

'1/10th Scale Racing Car Suitable For Radio Control'.

Not a a 1/10th scale radio-controlled racing car. I think Tamiya knew the limits of these things, as that phrasng is very telling.


By Moosey 16/10/2006 11:35:30

Same chassis as the previous March F2 car. Very simple, But fragile.
Check that review for more details.

Came with a better looking Renault Elf body, Well it's a matter of taste.

I bet these were great on a proper track, But did we have any good tracks here in the UK back then? Don't think so. A shame really, Because these cars would not last two minutes on the street!

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