58015 - Rough Rider
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By zambo76 06/06/2009 22:01:46

joy o joy tamiya are going bring back the R.R im going to save up and get one.


By KevinDBurns 22/04/2008 16:45:34

A very strong kit and a very stable auto. The front suspension was an exact replica of the famous VW bun buggy. the rear springs where torsion bars that did a perfect job of keeping the power to the ground.
I was able to use a Astro Flight "air plane" ESC from the 80's that fit snug into the rear of the radio box.
I did manage to bend the front suspension a few times and I broke a radio box hinge pin. but all in all a very strong water tight R/C car.
The same applies to the F-150.
New old stock kit are a bit out of my range.


By B Chai 11/12/2007 04:25:00

This is an awesome site. I love it and can visit everyday!!! Keep up the good work!!!


By Stevo309 04/07/2006 14:01:00

When it was released Tamiya could not have known the impact this model would have on the world of r/c cars. The first ever 1/10 scale r/c off-roader based on real sand racer cars. The Rough Rider featured some truly innovative design elements such as the fully waterproofed sealed transmission and radio mechanism boxed designed to keep everything dry and be accessible. You couldn't submerge the Rough Rider but you could come close to it! Suspension features a single swing arm at the rear and dual trailing arms at the front, torsion bars at the rear damped by oil filled shockers and lever springs at the front again damped by oil filled shocks. These models are loved today for their looks the world over and very sought after by collectors. Parts are still plentiful but command high prices. The Rough Rider came with 2 box art designs and truly amazing detail, even the tyres are authentic!

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