58029 - Blazing Blazer
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By Oldschoolrunner 11/03/2012 23:56:50

Definately a must have for a collector. They weren't that popular but now they have become really sought after. I can see Tamiya re-releasing the Hilux but never re-releasing the Blazing Blazer. If you want one and you find one that is in good condition jump on it because they are rare and mostlikely will never be re-released!


By vozzy 18/10/2010 00:25:01

A fullsize K5 Blazer body would have looked much better than this. Looks like something someone cobbled up in the garage to compete at the local derby. I can see why they didn't sell that well. The Bruiser is by far the best looking 3 speed made. Just my humble 2 cents.........


By Mikey 06/02/2010 01:40:55

I have one of these and I think that they are the best of all the trucks. I also have all the other 3 speeds and of all of them I play with this one the most. Chevy is better than all the toyotas.


By davo 08/03/2007 15:54:05

hi there i dont no much about the blazer as i am into nitro r/c trucks but i do know that the blazing blazer are supposed to be the holly grail of tamiya i have recently seen one sell on e-bay for 1'500.00 as new in the box. i myself have some used parts for one of these if any one know's anyone who may need them.


By Stevo309 29/09/2006 08:49:14

I have to agree with Moosey, i too didn't like the look of the Blazer much when i was a kid but have come to love it now. I may even stick my neck out and say it's my fave of the 3 speeds to look at. The shell is actually very accurate and based on a real Chevy Blazer based racer. The wheels/tyres are a bit bigger than the real thing but other than it it's a good representation.


By Moosey 28/09/2006 16:59:31

From what I can gather, The old Blazer didn't sell very well at all when it was released. Especailly here in the UK. People went for the Hilux instead.

I was never that keen on the Blazer too. Unitl you see a nice one running that is. Then it starts to come alive!

Made as a cheaper alternative to the Hilux, It came less complicated. Gone is the Alloy topped electroninc speed controller in favor of a normal mechanical one. The body is one piece & has very little detailed parts. It also sits a lot higher than the Hilux because of those different wheels/tyres.

Blazing Blazers are now worth more money than any other 3 speed Tamiya made. If they are in new condition & got nothing missing that is.

Parts are impossible to find new. I have a 1987 magazine with a price of 69.00 for the Blazer kit! Like I said no one wanted them!! Until now.

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