58037 - Opel Ascona 400 Rally
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By fireballv8 28/04/2008 15:46:50

My first radio control model... I found that the handling was not good, ground clearance poor under the diff, the idler gears in both the gearbox and diff wore out quickly. Yes it rolled over if cornered hard, but was great for water/dust proofing in the mechanizim box. I put different rear springs and shocks into the rear, much softer that the original, and it handled quiet well then, cocking a front wheel in most corners, just like a real rally car on bitumen. A long lasting model, i ran mine into the ground, and now have the body on a different chassis, but wish I could restore it to original.....


By Moosey 13/06/2007 17:08:36

A BIG THANKS goes out to Michael (Gozone) for these wonderful photos of a great car!


By Brat Attacks 02/11/2006 23:55:29

What a car the Ascona is and better looking that its Quattro sister mainly due to the short wheel base proportions suiting the saloon body better over the coupe. That said it isn't perfect; Following the success of the SRBs et al the next generation of Tamiya where all badly proportioned wheel wise. The Lancia 037 being the worst.

As for breath taking chassis developments look elsewhere. For those mesmerized by design will be delighted with the power train. A floating gear box connects with the differential via a UJ. It really is a feat of engineering. These cars were also not known for their light weight construction with a deep bath tub chassis. In its defence it was at least sort of water proof.

With regards to driving it, stick to tarmac or flat dusty areas and enjoy the scale fun that these give. The gearbox also make the sweetest noise. It's VERY retro. Thankfully due to its limited ability for running where buggies never fear to tread it is very hard to find one that has been seriously abused or comes with broken bits. It's a car that you can get very bored with driving if retro isn't you thing so think hard before you buy.

If you do buy, paint it up nicely for it deserves it. And don't forget to check out the web for the other race colours it came in. The AKAI theme looks naff but the Rothmans colours looks rather tasty.


By Moosey 10/10/2006 22:43:33

Another fantastic body! Again spoilt by the wrong chassis. High centre of gravity, Poor ground clearence. Massive unrealistic wheels/tyres.

Another rare car in any condition. New ones hardly exist.

Built on the Wild Willy chassis again, And there lies it's problems. They just rolled over all the time & damaged everything! That's why there's not many around I think.

I like this body better than the Audi.

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