58004 - XR311
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By Zakspeed 07/05/2007 19:34:12

This is Tamiya's true scale model era, Looks a cracking static model but with the added advantage of radio control. The body is a work of art and with time taken on the paintwork can look truely scale. Tamiya spent a lot of time with getting the look right to the point that getting the body to fit with all the original bulky RC gear is a trick in itself.
Theres not much room under there but it does all fit, a lot easier if using modern radio gear.
The suspension can be very 'bouncy' as there is no damping whatsoever, the torsion suspension can be tricky to set up and get it too tight and the plastic torsion bars will just snap, replacments are very hard to come by, and if you do find em the plastic has gone brittle with age.
If you've got one and you want to run it, set it up with soft suspension, get modern radio gear in with an ESC and enjoy, But watch where you run it so can collect all the body parts that will inevitably fall off unless well glued.
The advantage with this model is that Tamiya reissued it so prices are very cheap, and the reissue has a better torsion bar set up with spring steel.
Don't expect lightening performance or slick suspension, just a basic vintage RC car that looks great in the right setting.


By Moosey 04/01/2007 21:26:38

Tamiya's first off-roader?
A very highly detailed body that was so delicate for using as a serious runner. They do look superb though!
Weak points are the gears and the four plastic torsion bars for the suspension. Very compact as well, radio is a tight squeeze.
This car has never really been expensive, and when Tamiya made the re-release model the prices dropped even more. Shares the same chassis as the Cheetah (58007) although the front bumper is different.

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