58040 - Lancia Rally
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By Zakspeed 11/07/2008 21:32:50

I've always been a fan of the underdog and personally feel the Lancia is just that. Not many people have nice things to say about the Lancia Rally which personally i think is a bit harse. In my opinion Tamiya where following on from the earlier Ascona, Quattro (also on odd chassis') And the Lancia followed this trend.

I never had the pleasure of owning a Lancia in the eighties and only ever saw one back 'in the day' I am now lucky enough to own 3 including a very rare NIB - but why is it rare? possibly because it didn't sell well ?
I personally think you need to run this in the right setting, forget about running it in the dirt tracks with your Brat but run it on the Tarmac car parks or light gravel tracks get a 540 motor put in and get the back end out - thats when this model comes alive. The chassis is the same as the Brat so you have the same suspension, solid diff and 380 motor standard.
The body is highly detailed and the manual shows the option to fit bulbs in the lights (i've fit LEDS in mine) the body is hard plastic and takes a far bit ot punishment (not abuse!) The decals are a pain to fit but when done properly look great. Just forget that the propotions are all wrong !! they are on the Quattro and Ascona.
If you do plan to get one and run it - get the best you can afford because parts are hard to find. Although the bodyshell was released recently so do come up now and again, tyres are hard to find as are decent wheels. luckily thanks to the reissue Brat - the chassis parts are the easiest bits to get :-)


By Yalson. 11/07/2007 19:07:41

I thought these were pretty odd ducks at the time they were originally sold, and time has done nothing to change that.

If you look through the photo gallery, there just isn't an angle it seems comfortable in. The body is gorgeous, but the chassis is clearly from a completely different car.


By Kev the Rev 24/08/2006 22:10:13

Ah yes the Lancia Rally, a true Tamiya classic this one and now re-released with a different chassis.This original Lancia version is based on the space frame chassis design which is also used on such cars as the Frog, Brat, Monster Beetle, Blackfoot, Mudblaster, to name but a few. Most importantly to me, this is the car that got me back into Tamiya R/C collecting after a long spell in the wilderness :)

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