58045 - Hornet
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By rickybuttons 11/02/2008 21:15:07

Gone back to the 80's
Just gone and got a Hornet
Built one then and had to do it again

having so much fun doing it.

Just got the wheels to build and paint it.


By Steffen 04/05/2007 10:50:11

Couldn't afford a Frog back in the day, so got one of these. Despite it's primitive chassis it's actually very good off-road and equally good fun on tarmac.

If you fancy getting an original look out for:
* Damaged body, especially the rear wing mounts are fragile
* Chassis tub broken around the lower mounts for the gearbox. If broken the gearbox can come loose when running and the battery fall out from underneath the car.

Other than that it's pretty much a cheap and cheerful buggy, basically a Grasshopper with oil filled dampers and a lexan body.


By Stevo309 19/08/2006 00:30:26

An absolute classic! Due to it's light weight (even by todays standards) and straight fixed rear axle setup the Hornet was F-A-S-T. Easy to work on, good performance and looks meant the Hornet was loved by all who owned them and envied by those who didn't. The handling wasn't the best though! The re-release kit of 2005 features an ESC and is a must!

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