58046 - Fast Attack Vehicle
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By JRSLim 26/06/2008 22:01:17

I have my FAV from 84 - I was 14. Got to run it a few times but wore the front tires down. It is still in great shape, so I am looking to get it going again and have some real fun!! Uh, anybody got some front tires lying around? : P


By Yalson. 07/07/2007 10:05:15

I drove one of these at an on-road race meeting once in the wet. If you put the oil shocks from the Wild One on them, lower the ride height with spacers and keep the standard treaded tyres on, they handle like go-karts on wet tarmac. Even with the standard 540 motor in, it could run rings around virtually anything else on track.


By Stevo309 04/10/2006 17:47:56

Again this was a model that was overlooked back in the day by myself and my friends but i've come to admire since. Most kids wanted a racer buggy so the FAV with it's military theme didn't really hit the spot. The buggy is based on a military dune buggy and the manual has 2 suggested paint schemes. I'm sure a variety of other camo themes could be applied with great effect though as the FAV is detailed and realistic looking and deserves to be painted up to get the most from it visually.

It shares almost all of the chassis/running gear with the Wild One which came along a little bit later but the FAV has simple spring dampers instead of oil filled shockers, plastic drive shafts instead of metal and a couple other subtle differences.

NIB kits don't demand especially high prices as the FAV is probably not a favourite to all collectors but some parts like the wheels (same as Rough Rider but moulded in sand coloured plastic) have become hard to find new and demand high prices. Also hard to find are the cosmetic touches that stand the FAV out such as the rear lights and the machine gun.

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