58047 - Hot Shot
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By John 02/06/2009 18:23:21

I thought I would share some of the problems I had putting this kit(Re-release hotshot) together, just to save other people the headache. This is really an exceptional kit, runs so great and looks even better!

The two problems I had where:
1.The kit does not seem to include/instruct to put bushings inside the propeller joints for the rear axles. If this is not done, the axles are so loose that they can fall out, and will cause the differential to divert all power to one side at high power. The kit doesn't seem to include enough white bushings so you can use a pencil eraser cut to a thin slice, or a thin slice of nitro tubing.

2.The diagram for the sprocket that goes on the motor is misleading. It shows that you should slide the set screw all the way in until the flat part of the motor shaft ends. If you do this, the gear will sit at the edge of the main drive gear, causing slipping and grinding when you gun the car. To work around this simply caliper the distance from the edge of the gearbox where to motor sits to one of the edges of the main gear, and adjust the motor sprocket accordingly. It should stick out quite a bit.

Hope this helps! Thanks Tamiya! This is such a great kit. Can we get the Hotshot 2? :D


By Run Tings!! 18/11/2008 03:14:35

Man, when I was 13 I wanted the Hotshot so badly. Now at the age of 34 I finally have it ;). Just finished assembling it over the weekend, it was a real pleasure to build. It's fully ballraced and I'm going to order a Dirt Tuned motor and then start to thrash it. To my surpries after an 18 year hiatus I built my Hotshot spot on, I hated doing the shocks though - what a pain they were!!!


By Stevo309 30/04/2008 09:04:24

The front wheels turning outward (tow-out) when the suspension is compressed is a consequence of the front suspension geometry and cannot be avoided without major mods but so what? It doesn't affect the way they drive. It must be remembered that this was one of the very first 4wd buggies available and turn-buckles and the like were not around then. The ball joints are pretty hard to pop-off and when they do it normally saves the breakage of one of the plastic parts. The best reason to buy the Hotshot re-release kit is for nostalgia, the worst reason is to use as a modern racer and to be compared against modern buggies.


By KevinDBurns 30/04/2008 00:55:32

The kit does not come with BELL CRANK steering or a heat sink for the motor as discribed by Tamiya. The rear spring is not strong enough to hold up the car once collaped.
I have found out why the gears would slip, I had the front diff up side down, there is a slight off set. Now fixed works great.
Thanks for your help 101?


By KevinDBurns 27/04/2008 05:06:43

Can anyone answer a question about a fresh build of the Hot Shot?
I noticed the 4 wheel drive is not that good, it is like it is slipping/grinding.
would anyone know why this is? Is it normal to be able to hold the front wheels so they dont turn and turn the back wheels at the same time as holding the fronts and skip the gears? it is just so easy to do this, easier than one would think.


By KevinDBurns 26/04/2008 03:26:01

Just finished building the Hot Shot. Went together pretty easy. I do have a question.
I wonder why the front wheels point outward only when the suspension is fully compressed?
I have noticed a bunch of things that need reworking, the links should at least be drilled and tapped for a secure screw so the rod ends wont pop off. This needs to be addressed on all pop rod ends.
I also noticed that the tie rods don't have real turn buckles at all. that will also be addressed soon.
All in all a awesome beater to beat on.


By KevinDBurns 22/04/2008 16:20:57

I contacted Tamiya and asked if the Hot Shot comes with bearings or bushings.

Dear Tamiya Customer,

The kit comes with plastic bearings.

Tamiya America,
Customer Service

Sad that a 179.00 kit would come with cheap bushings. Oh well, what ya gona do?


By KevinDBurns 22/04/2008 16:06:12

Hello all I just ordered a Hot Shot Kit and was wondering if anyone knows if the kit version has ball bearings or bushings?
I just got back into the R/C world from the 80's.
I had the Lamborghini Contoush (how ever it is spelled), Rough Rider and F-150.
I must say the times have changed a bit. Brushless motors and the new radios.
I am still using my trusted JR Alpina PCM failsafe radio.


By Yalson. 06/07/2007 09:55:51

Scared the living daylights out of me when the first person turned up to our local race meets with one of these. Not just because it was so competitive, but also because it used to move in such a sinister way. It was so skinny and pliant that it seemed to creep round the track rather than bounce or skitter, like most of the other cars of the time. It moulded those lengthy-looking suspension arms over bumps and just couldn't be budged off line. At least, that's how it looked to us naive youngsters.

In a completely different class in tyerms of handling to later, more agricultural efforts such as the Boomerang and Thundershot. A pure racing machine that was as revolutionary in its day as anything has been since.


By Steffen 04/05/2007 10:55:41

Tamiya announced the re-release of the Hotshot April 2007. It will come back as model #58391. According to www.tamiyausa.com it will feature:
* Re-designed chassis
* New propeller shaft using dog bone type linkage
* Aluminium heat sink for the motor

Other than that it should remain faithfull to the original.


By Toykid 15/09/2006 05:39:51

Interesting point to note with this kit is that there are two versions. The earlier version had a bumper mounting plate with a steeper rake and slightly different gearbox mouldings. The later version is more common and of a stronger design. There is also much debate to wether the kit was ever sold with the famous gold wheels which are displayed on the box art. Some say a limited number of kits did come with gold wheels, but I personally have yet to see a NIB example that has the gold wheels inside.


By Stevo309 28/08/2006 14:19:40

Tamiya's first 4wd off-roader and what a machine it is! The Hotshot was technically very advanced and features sealed front and rear gearboxes each containing a gear differential connected together by a central propshaft that runs though the inside of the sealed chassis. The chassis holds the radio equipment in a tub that forms the lower half of the chassis. The suspension had double wishbones all round and was damped by a mono-shock front and rear. The linkages to the central rear mono-shock are ingenious and work very well!

I particularly like the look of the Hotshot. Although slower in the day due to it's extra weight and transmission losses it made up for it in handling and strength. They have become very collectible and parts command high prices. Rumours of a re-release persist...

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