58054 - Super Shot
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By Ian 26/04/2009 13:31:00

I never had a "complete" RC car as a kid, always a hand me down with patchwork repairs, usually the gears, anyway a friend at that time, (were still friends), was lucky enough to get a yokomo "dog fighter", "WORLD CHAMPION", oooerrr.

This thing "dogfighter" was an ugly car, but as my friend liked to repeat, "WORLD CHAMPION", so as you do you love your car dont treat it badly, tear it up, etc. He used to go on and on about how geat and fast the car was, had a trinity motor in it too.
One day at a track he took the car out and there happened to be a supershot, so we egged him on to race, the supershot left him for dead, ever since ive wanted one, and 20 years on bought a respectable example, i have gone all out and bought up new unscratched parts, its expensive but i think the supershot is, along with the rough rider/sandscorcher the car to have from the 80's.

Vintage Tamiya all the way.


By Run Tings!! 18/11/2008 03:30:18

I don't think I ever knew anyone during the 80's who owned a Super Shot. I just used to see the kit at my local model shop. When I got my Super Shot 3 years ago it came with the Technipower motor, the motor surprised me as I did not think it had that much power because I never previously experienced the motor. The car looks TONK even for todays standards - great pics!!


By Stevo309 02/09/2006 00:34:32

When it came out the Supershot almost gained mythical status as nobody i knew ever had one. This was due to the fact that it was a full-on top of the line model with a price tag to match. Based on the Hotshot foundation the Supershot was hopped-up to the max and featured gold wheels, oil-filled shockers on all 4 corners, an underguard, sleek body styling with spiked tyres, ball bearings and a technipower motor all as standard.

I always thought it looked stunning and still do, just look at it!! The complexity is amazing and assembling it takes place in layers almost. It's one of those models with a huge amount of parts and a job to build. Getting to the radio gear locked away inside that chassis can be a chore. I have a runner and it's proved itself to be ultimately tough and reliable. Weak points would be the front bumper stay which can strip out and the wishbones which are prone to cracking but apart from that there's not much that can be broken easily on the Supershot.

They've become very collectible with new built ones demanding high prices, parts have also become scarce so expect to pay top dollar for them especially wishbones, gearbox casings and the bodyset. New in box examples are super rare and consequently have a price tag to reflect this.

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