58056 - Falcon
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By taffer 20/10/2013 22:26:23

Isn't the driver Mr Wilson and not Wilcox? (Wilcox is stated as the driver on the falcon homepage but it's Wilson on the decals)


By choppa 26/07/2011 04:11:14

i have one an its still fun to drive


By nuavieria 17/07/2011 08:15:46

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By nuavieria 15/07/2011 07:12:07

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By laseactiott 13/06/2011 21:37:49

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By Wireless 23/08/2006 11:53:59

The Falcon was released in 1986 as Tamiya’s third-generation 2WD buggy. Designed to be a step-up from the popular Frog, the Falcon features a number of improvements over its predecessors. The specification includes four of the infamous high capacity yellow coloured CVA shock absorbers - one for each corner of the fully independently suspended Falcon which sits on double wishbones at the front and trailing arms at the rear. The buggy features a wide bathtub type ABS chassis making access to the radio gear, manual speed controller and battery pack simple and straight-forward for maintenance and charging. Power is from the ubiquitous RS-540S motor driving a sealed gearbox with gear-type differential through plastic dogbone style driveshafts with integral metal pins.

The Falcon is adorned with brightly coloured yellow plastics - the rear mounted RS-540S motor is surrounded by a very strongly moulded and chunky looking impact resistant yellow cage. The yellow theme is continued with the CVA shock absorbers and new-design yellow wheels with ribbed front tyres and pin spike rears.

The Falcon body is a one-piece affair, although the rear wing starts as a separate item before being screwed to the main body. The box-art scheme is black and red, which suits the car well along with the comprehensive decal set, although the Falcon is a car where a number of alternative schemes also produce good results.

Although great to run as a standard car or with a stock or mildly modified motor, the Falcon does not respond well to high powered motors. The suspension geometry and drive train was never designed to cope with high powered modern motors. In the modification game, the Falcon is best suited to a genuine Tamiya RX-540SD Technituned or Technipower motor and a full set of ball bearings. Those looking for more grip and higher gearing often upgraded to the direct-fitting Wild One or Fox wheels, which offered more scope for tyre choice.

Simple to build and maintain, in its heyday, the Falcon was an ideal entry-level 2WD buggy. Faster and better looking than its predecessors, it was a very popular choice for newcomers to the hobby and although initially unpopular, the Falcon is gaining ground as a respected member of the first one hundred Tamiya radio controlled models.

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