58057 - Bigwig
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By Allen 19/10/2009 03:49:19

One of my last Tamiya cars - by this point I got that good at building them up I lost the instructions and built it up without - I remember the rack and pinion steering being a problem though - I used to have a Boomerang with a Technigold motor in it before the Bigwig and found the Bigwig to be not as fast due to the added weight.

As I put in earlier comments I am just getting back into the hobby and would love to have any of the cars I used to have including this one.


By Jimbo4042 29/09/2006 16:17:35

I just thought I would voice a little bit of support for this much derided Tamiya. I have a shelfer and a runner and I have to say as well as the brilliant styling this car is suprisingly good to use. Lets be clear, you need to run a 8.4V battery for it to be anywhere near fast but when you do, this car moves at a good pace in vintage terms. The unique rack and pinion steering works pretty effectively too. The car is heavy but its also very planted and stable. I challenge any Tamiya lover not to be impressed by a box art decent Bigwig runner in action. Excellent alternative to the Hotshot series and better than a Boomerang. Great value too, a very decent runner should be well under 100.00. Mine was only 50.00 but that is thanks to Purplebugsy and Alan!!

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