58058 - Blackfoot
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By vozzy 18/10/2010 00:17:15

Awesome graphics, although I don't get the YELLOW wheels? Should've been chrome...... Body likes to crack straight up the hood line by the body pin, and although the gearbox has some flaws, a lot of aftermarket parts were made for this truck. Classic 80's monster truck.......


By necronomicon 15/05/2007 19:21:13

As already mentioned, great fun to drive- those huge wheels and high ground clearance eat up easy to moderate rough terrain. Steering response tends to be 'woolly' at best. ORV spaceframe chassis is very strong, but look out for wear at the suspension mounting points. Centre of gravity is high, so the blackfoot tends to roll over a bit, especially where faster motors are fitted. Stock shell looks gorgeous, but if you get one without a shell, you are limited to what you can replace it with unless you modify the body mounts. Watch out for wear at the steering servo, as this wears, steering becomes very loose. The original blackfoot does not use 'hex' type wheels, so the later hex wheels fitted to king blackfoot etc are not a straight swap.


By Moosey 31/08/2006 15:26:47

One of Tamiya's all round best looking monster trucks. I can remember back in '86 when I first saw it, I was amazed by the sheer size of the wheels/tyres!

To drive they are just soo much fun. They bounce around a bit without the oil shocks, But it seems to add to it's character. Box art colours are a must, There just too good to change.

Only let downs are those week rear arms & a gearbox that couldn't cope with those oversized wheels. The rest of the chassis is mostly bullet proof, Taken straight from the Frog etc. A pleasure to build & work on.

If you want some proper vintage R/C fun that doesn't cost much, Go for a Blackfoot!! Smiles per mile.

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