58060 - Monster Beetle
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By bittenbythebug 18/12/2011 04:06:05

i'm 41 and just charged up my beetle and used a friends radio. it works! just as fun as it always was but only got about 5mins out of the original battery so need to get a new one. now i'm going to look at upgrading some things. maybe i'll get a new battery first :)


By marc 11/01/2010 11:52:29

i miss my monster beetle , except for my first car holiday bugg , iused the monster beetle the most, and regret selling it 15 years ago , it was good fun fast when ballraced, and i never broke any part , but bent the axle twice of a friends grass hopper, the second time i paid for the new parts, but he just keep getting in the way ,this is not my favoret but found memorys


By Brat Attacks 13/04/2007 21:20:38

I've always been a fan of the MB mainly because it was a Beetle and when l was saving hard to get mine, l had to have the best and the MB was head and shoulder over the Blackfoot and Mudblaster. But apart from the upgraded shocks, gold wheels and rear guard, there is little to recommend. Appearance wise the trucks are better lookers than Hitler's staff car mounted up high.

The driving experience when new is fantastic and l am grateful that l was there all those years ago. It would take on anything and everything and despite it sitting up high, it would roll over less than you imagine. l always found full power round a corner resulted in less road rash than backing off.

As the years and ravages of time took their toll the MB that was once the "great must haves" from Tamiya will still be able hold its own. Original runners may display noisy diffs and worn rear trailing arms but there will still be plenty of life left in it yet. Hitler's people car was designed to get a nation up and running and last forever and in some ways l think that has been instilled into the MB.


By Stevo309 03/10/2006 19:38:57

I must admit that i've not always been a huge fan of the Monster Beetle simply because I prefer to see a truck body on a monster chassis. The MB has grown on me though. It has a certain charm and bling appeal to it, in box art red with the gold wheels it's a beauty. The chassis is basically the same as the Blackfoot but with oil dampers, a servo saver retainer horn in metal and a rear gearbox guard. I suspect the gearbox guard was invented more to cover up the gaping hole at the back with the beetle shell fitted. They've become very collectible with new in box kits fetching incredible money. Chassis parts are plentiful but body parts are becoming harder to find especially the earlier white moulded plastic bodysets. A competent machine on the rough stuff with the weaknesses being that gearbox and the front uprights. They do also suffer less damage generally when they roll than the Blackfoot and Mud Blaster due to the round shape of the shell :-)

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