58062 - Hot Shot II
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By Moosey 05/10/2006 12:38:26

Some people might think this car is basically the same as the first Hotshot. Not the case. Some of the parts can be very hard to find. I had problems finding the pressed parts bag, Body & main chassis. They were unique to this car. Slight alterations in the chassis ment you could do a quick crystal change via the alloy hatch under the body on top of the chassis.

Front wishbones are the same as the original, But the rear ones are from the Boomerang/Bigwig.
Roll cage is exactly the same as the original. But came with the Supershot alloy roof.

Those red shock bodies can be hard to find also.

The body is great. Simple & easy to do. I think it looks better too than the original.
But, It is a hard body to find new.

Prices are good, Expect to pay over the 100 mark for a really nice one. Runners are a lot cheaper & NIB kits are rare so 300 or more is about right.

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