58064 - Toyota Celica 4WD
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By MacMan 27/02/2012 17:13:32

Have seen these things pushing upwards of a grand. Was that number one item on my childhood wish list for many years, can't have one now for the same reason my parents said no all those years ago just too darned expensive. Arh well such is life.


By moosey 16/10/2010 12:13:10

Many, many thanks to JWeston for supplying the decals.


By Highflyer1002 28/05/2007 14:24:35

I luckily still have my Celica from when I was 13! I finished mine to box art spec and remember how painstakingly difficult the body was to do. I must have had a much steadier hand back then!! I concur with Moosey though, if done right it looks absolutely fantastic. And I think much better than the utilitarian Porsche. I was never a fan of this car.

I remember my Celica being very quick although I fully ball raced it and upgraded the motor to a Dynatech 01R! Although it would roll so easily if you turned too quickly as those tyres seemed to grip exceedingly well. But yes it would bottom out easily with the smallest of undulations. Probably more suited to a flat surface?

One annoying thing I found with the Celica though was with the rear reservoir shocks. Where they used to fit to the suspension arms, the connector used to crack through the middle where the piston rod had been screwed into it. I remember going through so many Ďcí trees just to replace these small parts!!

Have to say that I donít see many of these around these days and the ones I do, arenít in particularly great shape. The Celica is a rare car, certainly more so than the Porsche. It had a very short production run compared to other models of the time as it wasnít a big hit. If only one could turn back time!


By Moosey 05/10/2006 13:30:58

Not so long ago I built one of these gorgeous Celica's. The chassis was updated or made cheaper to manufacture?, Than the 959. Gone are the alloy/fibre glass body mounts in favour of simple plastic ones. The under chassis was re-vamped with a more sturdy form & looks better. A central diff was fitted to stop you chewing up that centre prop shaft & cups. Wheels were made in white, Why didn't they do them this colour for the 959?

A superb performer in the right place, And it has to be the right place! Because of the 1/12th scale & speed it does roll or bottom out very easy. Keep it on flat ground & you'll love it! The technigold motor was made for this car & the 959 in my opinion, Fantastic performance!

Now the body.. Some people think the 959 is far better looking & I used to be one of them. After doing my body, I fell in love with it! Serious detail again & stronger than 959. Although it is serious hard work to do properly as per manual. The results speak volumes though.
And when you fit two lots of headlights.. WOW!!!

Prices are high. A knocked about runner will cost you £100. New built over £200 & NIB £400!

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