58067 - Thundershot
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By Arnold 08/07/2012 11:04:25

Thanks for spending time on the cmpotuer (writing) so others don't have to.


By Moosey 29/12/2008 21:25:43

BIG, BIG THANKS to Zakspeed for supplying the Thundershot for our photo shoot! Cheers matey!


By feldy36 17/08/2007 13:31:31

the thunder shot i think is the easy car to mod like the front shock you can put a daul shock on it and you acn change the wheels as well


By Moosey 07/10/2006 00:20:25

Now I've not owned an original, And never wanted to.
But when Tamiya re-released this kit in 2005, I started to think what I could do with it. I mean change the body etc. It just sits all wrong on the chassis.
After much work & enjoyment of build I really started to like this ugly duckling.

The chassis is actuly very simple compared to the previous Hotshot chassis cars.
A lot stronger & easier to work on. And after fitting a fast motor & better dampers I was stunned how well it performed around a good off road track! Unreal!
Very, Very forgiving for an old 4WD. Really enjoyed it!

Nick named the Thunder Brick. Why? It's lighter than any other Tamiya 4WD of the time. So unfair.

Prices are just soo cheap now because of the re-release.
It's still ugly though!

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