58070 - Midnight Pumpkin
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By DirtyHarry 07/06/2013 16:02:22

Awesome truck had one in middle school about 1988. Some kid down the street was riding his BMX bike and I drove the Pumpkin under his wheels and he crashed big time, only broke the body mounts on the Pumpkin. Stupid spring suspension sucked, upgrading to the oil filled shocks made all the differance in the world.


By vozzy 18/10/2010 00:11:41

Affordable fun for all ages. Old school Ford body easily customizable, and no one's going to cry about a rollover like you would with a Bruiser. Bash em' ,crash em' and build em'!


By Stevo309 06/10/2006 15:57:23

Basically a recycled Lunchbox with different body. The Pumpkin shares exactly the same chassis as Venessa's Lunchbox but has a 1/12 Scale Ford F100 1950s pickup shell. I like the shape and detail of this shell and wish it had appeared on another chassis. Another one to not take too seriously as it won't set the world on fire with it's off-road capabilities. They are fast, strong and FUN though!

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