58074 - Grasshopper II
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By Yalson. 05/07/2007 18:09:32

Just to clarify, the rear suspension on the GH2 isn't quite the same as that on the GH1. The GH1 had a whole beam axle that literally just went up and down. This meant that if one rear wheel hit a bump, the whole axle would pivot on its mounting points. This was why it handled so abominably badly.

The GH2 has a system more like that seen on the Hornet 1. Instead of fixed pivots, the mounting points for the rear axle were in spring-loaded slots, so if a rear wheel hit a bump, the mounting point could slide up the slot, giving the rear axle a degree of independent side-to-side movement, as well as up-and-down.

The GH2 had plain springs instead of the Hornet's rather natty and effective oil-filled shocks, however, so suspension location and movement was still rather erratic. That said, it was still a huge improvement over the GH1's more rigid set-up.


By pikachoo75 10/12/2006 22:50:41

My first Tamiya! Looking back,the 380 motor was perfect for this buggy. Great run times even with 1200mah nicads.Fast enough to thrill and so much fun watching the spring front suspenion bobbing about. Realy easy to maintain for the beginner and luckily very robust(apart from the hard body shell).I dont know if the hornet was the same,but when you fit a 540 motor,the poor grasshopper simply tears itself to bits!(but was freakishly quick while it lasted!)


By Moosey 17/10/2006 09:28:21

A simple revised adition of the old Grasshopper. All very simlar to the original, but with lots of small changes to the chassis etc. Suspension is the same.

A great cheap runner but not worth much and even NIB kits are very cheap. They also did a 'Super G' version which included 'day glow' wheels, oil shocks and a 540 motor.

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