58077 - Mud Blaster
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By sparks196 20/01/2008 20:47:58

Just finished restoring one to its original glory using ebay to buy 90% of the parts.
I replaced just about every thing except original peices that were not worn .I had this truck when it was new in box and ran it into the ground, Because I was a broke young kid Well trust me when I say this I really paid for it . Bring it back to its glory I made look how It did when I was kid But now this is tribute to it . take a look youtube.com under smoken6spd


By Moosey 05/10/2006 18:00:35

Rusty Rumpott?! What a drivers name eh! The Brat body sits great & high up on this truck. It is a Blackfoot. Only the body, Mounts & tyres are different. The Brat body was never that strong around the roof, So on this one it's very vulnerable. The only gripe I have with it is the colour choice, Red? It doesn't seem to work that well with the orange stripes. Yellow would have been a better choice.

All the usual problems come with this, Just like the Blackfoot & Monster Beetler. Gearbox, rear arms etc. But, They just make up for it in the looks dept. I just think these chassis are some of the easiest to work on & enjoyable.

A big tip for you if you don't like this model as much as the other two. Buy a really nice Mud Blaster or a new one & split it up! Yes, use the chassis for your Blackfoot, just need a body set & tyres. The tyres taken off can be saved for a Monster Beetle. Sell the body as it's worth a bit. Do this just because the Mud Blaster doesn't go for much money compared to the others.

I bought a new built one for 80! You can add 50-70 on top of that for the other two new built.

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