58079 - Egress
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By gurutah 28/01/2017 21:45:23

For me the egress is the coolest and most aggressive looking Tamiya buggy
... U gotta love it !!!


By Sunnyjai 29/05/2012 14:52:15

The Egress, a unique blend of the first complicated & fragile Avante with the simplified & more robust Vanquish designs to make perhaps one of the most 'collectable & desirable' 4WD buggies ever! And I may dare say the most hottest looking buggies - as the box art and pics i've taken in recent times - see photo of the month April 2012 - pretty much sums up what I mean! It's agressive from every angle and reeks quality cutting edge technology of the time.
However in saying that it still had its downsides. Despite being a far simpler, more robust and lighter it still suffered from suspension travel issues (though not as bad as the Avante), fragility of parts (in particular the rear lower arm 3x42mm screws bending under a mild side impact if drifted into a hard embankment) and front shock towers prone to breaking from mild frontal impacts. Steering preciseness was also not its strong suit as it suffered from 'slop' due to long thin rod used between the servo and steering bell crank.
In saying that they were stupendously quick, smooth and owh so hawt lookin on the track and as always still is a great conversation piece amongst Tamiya ethusiasts & a highly sought-after collectible


By Jimbo4042 06/10/2006 22:52:24

I have to concur, this is Tamiya at its best. So many modern design ideas way ahead of its time. This has to be the most collectable 4wd electric buggy ever made. I am lucky enough to have a very nice former runner/shelf queen and it really is pride of my collection. Simply beautiful.


By Moosey 06/10/2006 22:08:49

My word, What a car!! Tamiya threw everything they had at this one! Titanium screws all round, Carbon graphite chassis, Ball bearings, Ball diffs front & rear, Center torque splitter, Hi-Cap alloy dampers etc, etc. The only item that wasn't in the kit was the 'Hop-up option' Posi drive shafts, These were a work of art & cost a fortune! No motor was included.

Now I have ran an Egress & wasn't that impressed to be honest. I think it's the short travel sups on the front & length of chassis? I didn't really test it that well so maybe I'm wrong?

I Also love the look. So space aged & agressive. Very sleek combined with the tucked away under cowl.

Prices.. HIGH!! NIB kits are now 600-700! A good runner will be 150+
A rare car, They were expensive in there time. 299 for the kit only retail in the UK!
Still, It's a must have for the collector. A MUST!

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