58008 - Lamborghini Countach LP500S(CS)
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By Supra44 06/01/2008 13:09:55

This model is R/C wonder!

Far superior to any Tamiya model of its time and now

With full ball racing, ESC and better Steering servo and RS540S (black) it slaughtered my Bltz Supra for pace, handling and style.

Bring It Back Tamiya!!


By Moosey 04/10/2006 09:59:58

I did own one of these for a short period. And I raced it with Purplebugsy at Snetterton. Pure vintage on road bliss! I've never driven soo carefully!

The chassis is that light & simple, They are like a rocket with a 540 motor & 7.2v battery strapped in. So when I ran mine I used a 6v battery & a ESC to take the edge off & it worked a treat. The rear end didn't want to spin round all the time & power delivery was very smooth combined with the gearing, Which is slow to start then gets up to full speed pretty quick!

The track is 'thee' place to run this type of car. Out on the public roads is no good. Get one small stone under that alloy chassis & it will propel the car straight into the nearest kerb!

The body is just one of the best hard plastic ones you'll find. Soo much detail & realism, But hey it's a Tamiya! They are a very difficult to spray, Especially the satin black arches etc.

Some new parts for these just don't exist anymore. Mainly the alloy chassis parts. The body was re-released a few years ago, But does not come with the chrome rear wing or red plastic rear lights. It comes with the parts but moulded in white or clear plastic. Expect to pay a lot of money for the front bumper also, New is very rare! They did two types as well, A black, & white one. Black being the original kit bumper & white were the spare part version.

You wont pay massive amounts of money for a used example, But they don't come up for sale much so they hold value. New ones are 200 + & NIB kits are around 600! The kit box is sublime though.

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