58081 - Nissan King Cab
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By highflyer 09/06/2009 22:59:22

As I was failing to keep up with my MB in the truck class, Tamiya unloads this bombshell! I purchased it the same day it arrived at my LHS/track in 1990. A very fun and capable truck as it renewed my interest in racing. Truck had one flaw, the DIFF. Worked good for stock classes but going mod (15T or below) caused problems for it. I purchased two TTC (Tamiya Traction Control) transmissions for my 2 runners a few years ago and the trucks ROCK!! I wish I had the TTC when I raced.

At one time, I had 4 of these trucks back in my racing days as I would let a friend run/race one on occasion. Chasing the Losi boys was fun, but winning my share of races was sweeter! I must admit, the King Cab and HI-LUX Monster Racer are my favorite Tamiyas of all time...


By TamiyaKing 20/03/2008 16:21:55

The king cab works well with a good transmission that is a belt drive,but very hard to get.I got one from ebay and it works well.


By Moosey 04/10/2006 14:51:34

What an amazing body! Well until you have run it a few times that is.. Very week on the corners, But does look very smart in box art colours. It is a serious job though if you want box art. Very hard to do all the details on the inside of the shell.

The chassis is exactly the same as the Hilux Monster Racer, Apart from wheels/tyres. Extremely capable off road with those massive oil dampers. Just make sure you screw lock everything! It drops to pieces.
Amazing jumps can be enjoyed too. As I've had one & really enjoyed it.
The only let down is that slipper diff. If it's not built right or damaged, Forget it!
You need to build a new one & keep the motor above 19turns & it should be ok.. For so long.

Prices are great, So grab yourself a good one & get out that ramp!

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