58087 - Manta Ray
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By Yalson. 10/07/2007 17:28:07

Has anyone else noticed that the Dirt Thrasher is just a Manta Ray with a Terra Scorcher body on it? I know that Tamiya will market numerous models concurrently with different bodies on similar chassis, but I've never known them to issue different chassis with the same body before.


By Moosey 06/10/2006 21:55:04

I owned a Mantaray for a while when I first got back into this hobby. It was cheap, Strong & handled well for a budget 4WD. But I couldn't get my head around it's looks. A strange body which indeed looks like a Manaray.

Prices are VERY cheap. And now Tamiya re-released it?? What were they thinking?

No ball diffs in here or bearings. But it does have oil dampers. The chassis & gearbox's were the makings of many other incarnations to come.

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