58093 - Bear Hawk
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By Moosey 19/06/2007 14:23:44

A big thanks goes out to Joachim (dunebuggy71) for the Bear Hawk photos.


By Moosey 04/10/2006 14:43:27

A very cheap & simple 2WD car. But, The body has loads of potential. As it comes in hard plastic form & has a few rather nice details, Like the rear cage.

Using the same main chassis as the Falcon, But with a much stronger front & rear end. It can take some serious abuse this one.

All it needs is some oil shocks, That's it! Standard motor is fine with it being light. The gearbox is very strong & has no silly slip diff.

If your building a shelf queen, Parts are plenty & cheap. But those wheels can be hard to find. The fronts were only made for this car. Rear's are the same as the MantaRay.

Great jumping fun!

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