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Question by: Noahownsaboat  07/01/2013 06:55:23 
Question: I have an original Buggy Champ, with period correct and highly likely radio equipment from Futaba. The model has recently surfaced in what I consider to be very good condition with the only real condition issues stemming from normal wear and tear on the actual body. The chassis is complete, however, the front wheels have been swapped for what appears to be from either the F-150 Ranger or Subaru Brat. Short story long, I am trying to place a value on this model as it actually belongs to a friend and I am interested in purchasing it from her at a fair market price... Ebay currently has no current or recent examples, and my search keeps turning up either the new re-releases, or vintage websites with only articles and history. Where does the "market" exist for vintage r/c? Cheers

The wise one answers:

Sorry but we don't normally answer this kind of question due to it being impossible without seeing the actual model. Market values are now much lower due to the re-release version. The only way to value this is to keep an eye on the community websites and ebay for similar items sold.
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