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Question by: Matt  28/07/2013 03:16:52 
Question: Hi, I have a Tamiya Mad Fighter 58275 that I got back around 2001. I got it out yesterday for the second time in its life for a run with my son. It works perfectly. Is this something worthy of collecting or should I give it to my son to play with??? I have all the original books. It has been done up with Bosch logos as it was a promotional prize when I got it. Can you suggest what I should do with it? Thanks Matt Newcastle NSW. Australia Sent from my iPad

The wise one answers:

Hi, different people collect different cars for different reasons. This model could be collectible and valuable to someone but generally this is a car that's not very rare, old or popular amongst collectors. I suspect there's more value to you by letting your son have some fun with it.
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