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Question by: danny owens  12/08/2013 22:21:13 
Question: Skidmeister! Is it true that Tamiya kit aluminium pinions are rubbish? I've read I should replace them with 32p steel pinions but I can only find them in America and the seller doesn't know if the shaft diameter (hole in the centre) is 5 mm (no good) or 3.2 mm (good) -- Can you please direct me to where I can get the right ones? eBay isn't helping nor any of the big well known hobby shops!

The wise one answers:

Yes Tamiya aluminium pinion gears are pretty poor. They're very soft and do tend to wear quickly. With the right grease though this isn't within 5 minutes and depending on how much running you do they could still last a few months. Steel are better but i'd only bother once you've worn out the stock one. Remember though aluminium pinions are softer to protect the nylon gears. You can tell a worn pinion by the higher pitch noise of the gearbox.
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