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Question by: Steve  30/08/2013 22:50:24 
Question: Skid, regarding the info on the Hotshot! I only made that comparison because the Dark impact is the only 4WD buggy I've owned! So in your opinion, is the hotshot better, reliability and performance wise than the DI. I just had constant props with the DI!

The wise one answers:

Personally yes i believe the Hotshot is more reliable but you have to accept that it's a vintage design so it will not handle modern brushless motors so well and it is less adjustable and will not handle like a modern buggy. If you want a great looking machine that is fun to run and rugged then the Hotshot is the ticket. The DF03 chassis is a problematic design in my opinion, drivetrain problems are common and there is little room to allow the battery to breath. It's quick with decent handling but unreliable. The DB01 chassis is much better if you want modern.
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